Technische Universität Berlin, Straße des 17. Juni 135)

The congress will take place in three buildings of the Technical
University Berlin (buildings A, HL and EB). The central info point will
be in building A where you will also find meals, drinks and general


The organisers are going to reserve their right to exercise property rights to exclude persons or refuse access because of membership of far-right parties, organisations or being related to the far-right scene, or because they have become noticable due to racist, nationalist or other inhuman expressions.Addition to the anti-discrimination rule: Using this excludation rule the organisers are able to prevent excluded persons from participating at this event. If they enter anyhow unlawful intrusion i.S.v $ 123 St.Gb is on hand whereas the organisers are entitled to the right og self-defense. The basic right of freedom of assembly from art. 8 GG is restricted by the law of peacefulness and and the law to be unarmed from art. 8/1 GG. The term peacefulness contains the prohibition of any behaviour that could be harmful like violence against persons or things. This includes also physical violence with relevant agression or ambition to that affect. (Compare art. 8/1 GG and Schönstedt, p.231)