The discreet shift to the right – right-wing populism in Denmark

The population of Denmark is famous for its openness and tolerance in the world. Only a few is do know, that such ideas about the Danish society do not have much in common with reality. In the last 20 years, the mood in the society has shifted dramatically to the right. Right populism is no longer a marginal phenomenon, but an accepted part of the political and social center . The sharp cultural racism and discriminatory propaganda of the Danish People’s Party (DVP) against migrants are covered by freedom of expression and are accepted as a contribution to policy debate and adopted in many parts of other parties and political organizations.

The lecture will place its focus on the social conditions that have made such a huge shift to the right in Denmark possible , and also will look to what extent right populist * inside the DVP have succeeded to be recognized as completely normal political force. Subject will be how the Danish Antifa and other segments of extra-parliamentary left handle the DVP and the shift to the right in Denmark. The speaker will be Tobias Alm, foreign correspondent of the Anti-Fascist info sheet (AIB) and co-editor of the book “right-wing populism can be lethal” about right populism in the Scandinavian countries .